A voice tour is a great way to discover an area you are not familiar with, learn everything there is to know about a landmark and share this knowledge with your children. Finding guided tours is not always easy, especially if you are planning a trip with a detailed schedule and cannot find a guided tour that works with what you have already planned. Thankfully, it is possible to find apps that will guide you through a visit of a landmark or of a neighborhood.

You should download some apps in advance if you would like to take voice tours during your trip. Do some research to find the best voice tour apps for the landmarks and areas you plan on visiting. You should start your search with the Google store or with iTunes depending on the device you own. Look for keywords that correspond to the landmarks and areas you plan on visiting to see if there are any helpful apps.

You can also look for voice tour apps that include tours for several touristic landmarks. You can find apps that include guided tours for all the main landmarks in a big city or find apps that include tours as well as information that will help you make sure you do not miss out on anything during your trip.

Check the reviews and ratings of the different apps you find. You will find some free voice tour apps but some of them will require you to pay a few dollars to download this content. Paying for a voice tour app is definitely worth it if there are a lot of good reviews and if the voice tours will really provide you with a good experience during your trip.

You should download a few voice tour apps and test them prior to your trip. This will give you an idea of the kind of content you can expect and you also need to make sure that the apps you downloaded work properly. Test all the features and try finding some apps that can work offline so that you do not constantly use your data plan when you are traveling.

Don’t forget to fully charge your phone and your tablet and to bring some headphones so you can easily listen to your voice tour. Test the volume of the different apps you want to use in advance but keep in mind that you might have a hard time listening to your voice tour without headphones if you are in a crowded area.

If you are not sure which voice tour apps you should use for your trip, try finding some recommendations from people who have visited the same landmarks you are interested in. You should also use message boards dedicated to travel and tourism to ask about the best tour voice apps that other users can recommend.

You should test different tour voice apps to find the right one for you. You might find that some tours include too many details or are too complex for your children. You might find that some tours are not detailed enough and that you want to learn more things while you travel. Check the duration of the different voice tours you want to listen to and select one that will fit in your schedule while providing you with the right amount of details.

Once you have found some great apps with voice tours, check the other apps created by the same publisher. They will probably have other helpful apps for your trip, including other voice tours. If you find that a publisher always gets good reviews for their apps, you should try using their voice tour apps.

It is possible to find some great voice tour apps and you can actually find some helpful apps for free. Take the time to download different apps to test their features and listen to some of the tours in advance to make sure this is the kind of experience you want. Voice tours are a great way to learn things while you travel and to discover landmarks. Using apps is an easy way to learn everything there is to know about popular touristic landmarks without having to wait for a guided tour.