A voice tour provides a recorded voiced guide, usually using an android phone, into a visitor attraction like a museum or landmark. It gives you background, context, and other details about the places being visited or viewed. Voice tour guides are usually in multilingual variations and could be presented in various ways. A few of the more sophisticated tours might include original audio and interviews. Typically rented on the spot, but now can be downloaded in the internet and are available in most android mobile phones. A few audio guides are free of charge or as part of the entrance fee, some others need to be bought separately.

This makes use of your physical location to play audio automatically and comes with offline maps. Utilizing satellite technology (GPS), audio and/or multimedia content is activated according to a user’s location, supplying location related information to tourists. The advantage of using GPS in the tour is that utilizing the data coming from the numerous users you’ll be able to mine the fascinating locations. A location can be considered a fascinating spot if numerous tourists or most of the the tourists touch this location as a part of their tour. Spots in which users go to a lot could then be recommended as fascinating locations to brand new users.

Most of the tour app provides you with the freedom to discover at your own pace. You can begin the walks whenever you want and stop wherever and whenever you prefer, so long as that suits you. You don’t even have to hit pause. The app utilizes your physical location to play audio automatically, at precisely the correct time and spot, and whenever you begin walking again, playback also will play. Additionally, it provides you with directions, which makes it a lot easier to put your mobile phone away and involve yourself in the environment, not the screen.